Leisure development and management with a conscience


You can contact Rianfil via

Email: contact@rianfil.com

Phone: +316 1153 6675


Or fill in the contact form below:

What happens after you filled in the contact form?

  1. We invite you to fill in the contact form with information about your project, and tell us how we can be at your service.
  2. We will send you a list with questions to answer if we don’t have all the information needed.
  3. We can send you our personalised agreement and NDA to ensure your confidentiality. Note: an NDA is not a contract but ensures confidentiality of all your project documentation.
  4. After receiving all the information we will tell you within 5 work days how we can help you by providing you a proposal with our scope of work, time estimate and cost estimate of the project and cost estimate of Rianfils work.
  5. After agreed we start our procedures such as team assembly, and soon after we can team up on making your dreams on the decided location.


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