Leisure development with a conscience

Rianfil provides top-quality professional development and management services. We believe that the current leisure and entertainment industry lacks the service and attention that is nowadays normal in most other industries. But it seems as well that all companies find themselves lost in money and profits. There is currently no development company that also considers environment, local involvement and finding ways to help less fortunate. You would think there are, but not one company is has focussed it’s business on ethics and fair play. We feel that in the current society people just have to be treated fairly, projects have to be developed environment friendly.

Complete package of services

Rianfil has been build up in such a way that we can develop and create everything in the world of leisure and entertainment. We are extremely flexible, have connections worldwide and find solutions for every problem you might have. We can fully do your project initiation, design work, tendering and construction. The only thing we are not is an investor company. We can help you find interested parties, but we don’t have the financial resources to finance your project. We design and build.

We offer a full customer journey and a fully immersive digital experience to our clients, where they get the best service available in which they can not only track the development of their project online but are also part of a family and will feel more welcome than at any other company. We are pro-active: if you have to do something we will assist in making it ready. And we do as much as we can to get as much involvement as possible to local charity and improvement.

For us it is all about fair play. We work as much as possible with locals. We do things as eco as possible. We create a team completed with smart but not so lucky (local) people. Everything is about fairtrade. This means we do nothing without getting paid upfront by the client. We are in any way transparent about our spendings. We do to things right.

The people who we work with are all experts and have worked in the industry for many years. They worked for Disney, Universal Studios, Merlin and all the other main theme park companies.

Rianfil will provide its professional development services in the most effective manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide at least 98% client satisfaction. We see each contract as an agreement not between a company and its clients, but between partners who wish to create a close and mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. This will help to provide greater long-term profits for everyone involved. But most importantly this results in an experience or attraction with a much higher quality and shows an attraction made with much more love and enthusiasm than our competitors.

Rianfil helps getting organized, or organises and manages your entire project for you. Rianfil gets your leisure project and your office back on track by offering solutions during all design, development and construction phases.

But we do more.

Odyssey Parks & Resorts

If the project is of a larger scale we can switch to our team of ‘Odyssey Parks & Resorts’. This group of people is made of a few international experts with an amazing trackrecord. With this basic team we can assure you we can deliver any leisure and entertainment project no matter its scale or location. After careers of developing, managing, designing and constructing these people have joined forces and is able to offer a one of a kind complete solution that is ready for the future and can rival with any other company in our industry.

For us the most important thing is not your project – it’s the relationship with you and your dreams! How we work together makes it fun, and determines its success. Only if we truly work together we can create new magic and come up with new solutions and technologies to realize something that has never been seen and done before. We offer a truly one of a kind customer journey where you can follow your project online, can interact and are part of the team that delivers your project. Right from the start Rianfil works with a project handbook, financial plan and masterplan, all accessible to the client. We work just as fast as our competitors. The difference is that we guide you from making expensive mistakes, we actively update everyone involved, we do for you whatever should be done proactively… Our focus is on service and excellence.


Besides our Odyssey team we are very proud to say we worked out joint-ventures with some of the largest leisure companies in the world. Together we can produce everything you could possibly imagine!

And while doing that we make sure we help less fortunate and the planet as well.


Do you join us with new adventures? We are ready!


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