The Library System

The Library System

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting… It is insane to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. You can’t expect different results if you keep doing things the same way.

– Einstein –

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After numerous projects we found a solution for something that many international companies, especially in the field of leisure, are dealing with. Many projects in which a new attraction or whole new theme park is developed are not having the result clients and investors are looking for. A lot of money is lost. All parties are not (completely) satisfied. Important items are forgotten in the plans. Communications get vague because of misunderstandings and culture differences when dealing with contractors from different countries. If you never developed a darkride, then of course you will not do as great as Disney or Universal. But with just the right amount of guidance you can come a long way and get a beautiful and professional result while creating it with your own people instead of hired in over the top expensive foreign experts.

With a lot of help, and trying it out on several medium projects in the Philippines, China and Singapore we can now safely say that we have a solution for this. We are calling it the Library System. It is not software but a sideline on the workflow. Basically everything that is created for a project goes in the library. And we check everything that goes in, with the demand and rules and regulations for the project. We now have more than 400 parameters already and that number is growing rapidly. Every document, every design, every plan gets its own place in the library. We tear it apart and every piece of information gets stored in a place somewhere in the Library where we can easily find it again.

 Library 03

For a very simplistic example of the system, let’s say a new 3D cinema has to be build. The movie screen must be between 40 and 45 feet wide, and there must be 600 to 650 seats. The designs are put in the library and there we find out that the screen is 48 feet wide and that there are 590 seats. This makes for mismatches in the library system. Now we know we have to change the demands or the designs. If the client agrees with slightly less seats and a larger screen, we clear it in the system. And otherwise, if you already know that he will not, you can give it straight back to the designers.

Every demand gets put in the library. From trees, flagpoles and lanterns outside to audio systems, stage hydraulics, plants and restrooms on the inside. And everything gets checked for all the parameters. Does it need electricity, are there specific regulations and laws for this item, and eventually who will deliver it?

 Library 04

And we also place everything in timelines. We not only can tell you what you need but also when. We can tell you how much time you have to solve a problem before it causes new problems. At this moment we can already predict problems even before anyone sees them coming, including us, and prevent these from happening completely. And we notice that we can easily provide ‘grocery lists’ because we know exactly what is needed, and even when. To a point where it will sound scary and overwhelming. Cash registers, flower pots, rollercoasters, desk chairs or darkrides… We can tell you what is needed, when to start looking for a provider and when it should be delivered. So yes, when you use the Library you will simply know all these things. It does make any project extremely simple. Some users said now they can almost hire monkeys. As long as those just do what they are told to do within the given timeframes it will always work out fine. If you never produced a darkride, if your team has no experience in flying cinemas, rollercoasters and museums, then the Library System will guide you through the whole process.

We can add the factor money as well. And once we have labelled everything correctly we can very specificly tell you what goes over budget, when it will go over budget, what is less expensive and therefore saving money, and we can pinpoint accurately where and how you can save money. With a 100 million dollar project we can very, very easily have you save 5 to 10 million. Even before construction starts we can safely tell you if you will go over budget or are still within your budget. At any time we can provide you this information. You will know exactly what problems you are facing the coming week or month, even before they happen.

Library 05

It also does not matter what any foreign company comes up with. And any shop or company delivering something will of course say that their product is the best and perfect for your project. The Library does not judge. It basically just checks. Therefore it will simply tell you if their product is indeed suitable for you. If not, you will know why not and go back to the negotiation table. Maybe instead of 6 elevators holding 20 people you can agree with 8 holding 15 people. That goes back in to the system and you will know what has to be changed to make the new numbers work; the schematic design, electricity diagrams, the area for the elevator mechanics on the roof….

Creating your Library, filling it with all the files, and with all the demands, and then checking all of that with all the parameters…. that is something that we have to teach you. We do have to set up the system for you. Depending on the scale of your project(s) that might take an average of several months. During this period we will train one or two of your people to become a librarian. After that you can keep using the system on your own, while we can keep supporting you as your backup team in case something goes wrong.

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