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Illusions and Magical Effects

Consulting – Designing – Building Plans

Construction – Supervising

Project Management

img978686455 1012295_601668136521896_884294442_n sb42

How can Rianfil help you?


We can inform you about what illusion options there are for the kind of magic effect that you have in mind. You will get a report that gives you all the options, so that you get a very clear picture and know for sure that you make the right decission. We can provide construction plans (in 3D) so that you can build locally, or we can build for you.

img978686462 HPIM0541 img978686512


After chosing the illusion(s) to be used we will make 3D designs that give you an impression of size, shape and colours.

Displace Case Book 08 Inifnity Cabinet 05 Transform Platform rad2 07

Building plans

Because the designs are made in 3D they are already made in correct size and can be completed with measurements for the building team. The plans can be used in autocad and Sketchup.

RC Darkride 20131001103 RC Darkride 20131001104 RC Darkride 20131001105

Test Box 06 Test Box 05Sea if Flowers 02


Rianfil has connections all over the world. Depending on where the illusions are needed we can help you with finding a company nearby that can make them for you. Or you let Rianfil arrange the construction for you.


1044105_601668113188565_2050258977_n  IMG-20131029-WA0000 IMG_20130704_155416

IMG_20130704_143221 IMG_20130704_155057 IMG_20130702_161252


At Rianfil we have several people capable of supervising the illusion projects from concept to delivery. Erik Visser is a very experienced supervisor of such projects.

Sandbox 02 Solid Painting Piece NW 02 scooter04

sb42 Painting Platform SW 01 Deceptive Steps SW 02

Project Management

Rianfil can manage the whole project in which the illusions are needed.

Theatrical Magic

Animation (Objects coming to life).

Anti Gravity (Floating objects).

Invulnerabillity (A person being sawed in pieces and brought back to life).

Penetration (A person penetrating a wall or being penetrated by swords).

Production (A person or object magically appears).

Restoration (A person gets shrunk in a box and then brought back to real size).

Transformation (An animal changes into a person).

Transposition (A person magically moves from one place to another in a split second).

Vanish (A person disappears by magic from a table or box).

base40 Book of Life 04 Transformation Stump SW 01

tob55 tob22 Table004

Theme Park and attraction Magic

The mechanics of animatronics can be hidden from view by an optical illusion.

Flowers can grow by magic, open up and swallow the darkride vehicle.

A summer scene can visually change into a winter scene.

Dragons can fly around without seeing the cable because they don’t hang on cables.

Hologram Displays can tell stories the whole day without the need of real actors.

Deceptive Steps 01 Crystal Casket 01 Casket Zimmerman 01

base45 base37 Travel 02

Special Magic

In a special theatre holograms can act like real and make the next generation of live entertainment.

A fountain display can be completed with floating or magically appearing objects.

In a shopping mall you have to pass the magical mirror into new worlds.

When walking through a free standing gate or doorway you end up in a magical area.

Buildings can vanish or new to open buildings can magically appear in front of a live audience.

Rounder 15 Displace Case Book NW2 02 Four Fold Screen 07

 SONY DSC HPIM0299s HPIM2169s HPIM2491s

IMG_20130629_170815  watershow001 Village 03 Dinnershow 01


watershow009 22052009001 Street04

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