Leisure development and management with a conscience

Project Problem Solving

If your project in leisure or entertainment is not proceding or evolving the way it should be, we can help you in the right direction again. To do so we also have an international team of experts for any situation. Together with y1044105_601668113188565_2050258977_nou we will identify the problem(s), define the problem, examine all options, act on a plan and make sure you get to the desired endresult. Let me make it very clear: after we examined all the available information and developed a plan, this plan is based on facts and will lead to the stated outcome. 

Not only did we handle numerous leisure projects, but also problems in commercial businesses, and the past two years some of our team have been fully trained in the field of crisis management and crowd control. Do you know how to handle if a bus with schoolkids drove into a retirement home and caught fire with the kids still inside?

Problems can occur during the development and construction of an attraction. But we also have experience in helping attractions in financial problems. If numbers of visitors are declining or if they start spending significantly less than before, I can evaluate with you why this occurs.

Our  team consists of professional project managers, managers, problem solvers, magicians, effects designers, scripters, show producers, set designers… And we work with companies with their own factories where props and illusions can be build.

During the entire process we can assist and if needed me and my team can take over (also interim) to ensure that your new attraction gets build, your new projects get completed, your business becomes healthy again. We hav20130702_155750e developed our own Library System that guarantees a positive result.

Contact Rianfil and we will offer you a plan. We will determine who or Rianfil are the best for your project and your situation so that together with your people we get the perfect team. And with these experts we can help you with making decissions and get the project going again and in the right direction. Again: we can guarantee a positive result!

Transformation Stump 0320130702_152950 Stages Magic Street 13

contact us via: contact@rianfil.com

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