Leisure development and management with a conscience

Management & Consultant

(Technical) Development and Construction

management for leisure and business

We have experience with Project Devlopment and Construction Management for 125+ projects all over the world. This goes from initiation and financial calculations to realisation and has been for both business projects and entertainment projects. Feel free to contact me about possibilities for assisting in or managing your projects. We can have a quick look at concept designs and tell you if the project is feasible and how much it would cost. We can tell you if you get a good deal with the roller coaster. We can warn you of problems that might occur and tell you how to deal with them.

Things we can do for you:

Cost reduction management
Designing and development
Project implementation and construction management

We work in all phases:

1 Project Initiation and Schematic Design
2 Project Development Process and Design Development
3 Master Plan and Fabrication Documents
4 Supervise the construction, installation and initial use.

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Most entertainment projects need a specific and very much different aproach to project management than for instance an IT project or new product development in a factory. Construction management involves a lot more and is not comparable, and designing and building a darkride is even a lot more complex. It is, for instance, very common to mistakingly not have a ‘Back of House’ in the designs. A computer room, a large equipment door or emergency passages are often forgotten in the concepts. Puting all this in the design later in the process means making changes in the overall design of the attraction and that takes extra time and extra money. And how do you get large equipment in or out a building for replacement or restauration? The answer seems obvious, but such occuring problems are very often overlooked in the designing phases.


Note: in all your projects I can use our own created Library System that guarantees optimal results.

Rendering06 Rendering15 Castle Dracula 05


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