Odyssey Parks and Resorts

Odyssey Parks and Resorts is a group of project owners, experts and developers who teamed up to become the most expert group of people out there to develop your theme park and resort. Each and everyone having substantial experience in the field of leisure and entertainment. With Odyssey we combine all our knowledge into the development of new leisure destination projects. Together we are stronger; working as a team we can combine our efforts and achieve what till now has never been possible. Come on board with us for an Odyssey, packed with more Adventure and Wonder than ever before!

Odyssey is different compared to other companies in our industry. We are a small group of experts, who work on projects on our own but also team up for large projects. All of us have our specialties and as a team we can create anything you want. We can design, plan, masterplan and manage every (leisure) project anywhere on the planet. Besides our core team we have a large group of experts ready to assist, based on the demands of your project. We are not a company but a team. Part of your team, doing more than delivering what you need.

You can find more info of Odyssey Parks and Resorts on it’s own website:

Odyssey Parks & Resorts website