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Holographic Effects

rianfil_jpeg-03Rianfil has its own small construction faccility for hologram displays in the Philippines, close to Manila, and is the ONLY company in the world capable of designing and making MULTILAYERED 3D holographic displays for every situation! They can be augmentated, interactive, and any size. With the latest techniques holograms can even have shadows, and a truly realistic 3D look.  Our new REVO systems enables you to have complete freedom over your holograms even in a large theater setting. We can build your hologram setup on location, anywhere on the planet.

It’s amazing when you think about it. Every magician knows about the Pepper’s Ghost. Every themepark has a Pepper’s Ghost in it’s Haunted House or whatever Darkride. But almost all these holograms are based on the 45-degree formula. One glassplate in front of the audience and the other in an angle of 45-degrees for the vusualisation of the ‘ghost’. I thought it is necessary to explain here why this assumption is completely wrong…… And how Rianfil found solutions that can help you create a hologram everywhere under any circumstance.. Our Pepper’s Ghost can have any angle and can be in any setting. We can do the calculations for this! But besides Pepper’s there are so many other options for showing similar effects.

Our holograms can be placed in EVERY setting and, depending on space, can create up to larger than life holograms. That means that you can now have for instance a holograpic fashion show of holographic people showing your clothing. Or you can have your products being presented by a holographic tapdancing penguin. Holographic text can tell all about your products, while a holographic fireworks show draws attention to your shopping window. Restaurants can have 3-dimensional projections of their food. You could even have a 3-dimensional house or car flying around, showing all angles while a beautiful holographic lady shows all the special qualities. Whatever you want: we can place it in your shopping display.

  IMG_20130617_160852    IMG_20130617_154939 20130702_160544

Restaurant (3) Mall Hologram Int 03 Tunnel Options (1)

cc201008111429579886 cc201008111427527967 2012118125840849 201211813030870

Our own developed REVO system is the latest and best in holographic displays. Whatever happens on the secret downstage area becomes a 3D hologram on the upstage.

Thanks to the possibillities of variation angles we can place holograms anywhere. Rianfil found the solutions for holograms under water. Now we can have seamunsters in any fountain piece or mystical lake.

Sea of Flowers 01Cup Box SK 01 Cup booth SK02

It is possible to have a setup where people can walk through and become part of the holographic display. We can have them walk through a tunnel filled with magical animals. For shopping malls we offer the opportunity to have shows, like fashionshows, in a special holographic theater. People can walk in and get involved in the holographic world. Also for shopping malls, museums and theme parks we also offer the holographic boxes in which people can see a hologram of whatever you want from all sides. It is also possible to have actors inside that interact with the holograms.

Mall Hologram Triangle 01  Mall Hologram Int 03Hologram Turntable Hallway 03

Kinect Box shebeizulin5 shebeizulin4 cc201009191429592366

We can make hologram displays with turntables for different settings. With the new posibilities you can see yourself as a hologram. Not just that.. you can see your self in the hologram wearing the item you want! Or you can see yourself as a hologram of a movie star or popstar, or you can make a holographic panda do your dance moves… In our testing faccility in The Philippines we are constantly testing interactive holograms. This is the new era for entertainment!

Soon you can touch the hologram and create interactive holograms by using the very latest technologies.

IMG-20131029-WA0001 IMG-20131029-WA0000 IMG_20130508_114825 IMG_20130508_114836

Our holograms can be made in our own factory in the Philppines. Our hologram company is called Sfumato. We also can supply holograms from DTiger in China. This company is also great for the production of the animations. With our team we can supply you with every hologram setup you might need.

Exequel is our international holographic expert, always there to help you with your imaginative ideas. He runs our  factory for hologram displays in Manila.

2013-09-24 12.42.27 IMG_20130925_180746 IMG_20130925_162605

Holographic Displays Examples

315623_2219664448467_1153347035_32195858_160477627_n fish

The basic setup

is a display-table on which the holograms will appear, and an image triangle that creates the hologram. No more special boxes, no more mirrors…. Thanks to our own new invention all the special gimmicks are hidden in the table and cannot be seen, making it a perfect illusion. The holograms appear in 3D, and can be seen from 1, 2 or 4 sides!

  RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 02651 Jellys option 3 (3)

Remember: this is the very latest in holographic techniques and this is used, for instance, in European amusementparks to create magical shows for audiences. But we took them a step further and made them into portable and affordable displays that can be placed everywhere. Basically we can make them fit into every place, and in every size, from 1 to 20 feet, and up to 4 sides for a truly 3D effect!

IMG_20130704_155035 IMG_20130704_155057 IMG_20130617_160852


  Jellys Option 1 (4) Inside Aquarium SK03

RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 02 Restaurant (4)

Pandora’s box hologram

This is our small holographic box. Completely self working, plug-and-play. It is a square of about 1 metre on all sides and you can place this anywhere. Can be themed in any way you desire.

Shopbox 2Shopbox 1

The Shop Display

This is the Hologram that you can see in the stores. For this one there is no need for boxes or other special equipment in your shopping window. What the people will see is a table, with the hologram on top. This also means that it can be placed everywhere.

This is what it looks like:

PG17 PG175841

We can make it a closed environment. This hologram can only be seen through the window, and not from the sides. It looks completely 3D, and it can be any size.

Triangle Display

With the triangle people can see the hologram from 2 sides. The background of the display can be used for extra info with posters or a flatscreen telling all the info of the item that is shown as hologram. This also allows for even more high-tech visuals directly, behind the hologram.

Triangle sk06778Triangle sk0671

4 Sided Display

With this display people can see the holographic image from all four sides.

Square0131 Square13

The pyramid, or 4-sided, is more expensive, but you can see the hologram in a 3 dimensional scene, from all 4 sides. This is the most sophisticated hologram today, and it can create very realistic holograms. Very suitable for instance for selling houses and condos, because people can walk around the display and see it from all sides.

2014-01-26 12.33.13 2014-01-26 12.31.24


This is a very basic setup but still allows for large holograms being seen from one side of the display. This offers the opportunity to place yourself in the middle of the holograms and creates great photo oportunities.

This is also a very affordable setup.

Zdisplay SK 03 Zdisplay SK 84847

Feel free to contact Rianfil for possibillities!



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