REVO Hologram Theatre

Our  developed REVO system is the latest and coolest in holographic displays. It is a unique hologram stage where you are no longer bounded to anything but can create whatever you have in mind. Whatever happens on the secret lower stage area becomes a 3D hologram on the actual stage. It is a very old technique brought back to life and developed into the next generation of entertainment.

With this setup you can present a live show of Jurassic Park or The Matrix. Any kind of special effect that you have ever seen in a movie is possible with this stage setup. With Revo you can have a knight fighting with a fire spitting dragon. Comic heros can show off their skills. Anime characters can perform their fights with holographic fire and water. Real actor can interact with animated figures. A holographic tornado can demolish a house. A holographic spaceship can be seen flying around and land on stage. There can be underwater scenes where a diver is swimming surrounded by huge sharks. Zebras can sing and dance on stage together with real people. A hologram of Justin Bieber can perform with a live band.  Creativity is the only limit because with this setup you can create everything.

We have designed a REVO theater with almost 2,000 seats for a destination in China. Hopefully  construction starts soon. Whatever gets lighted at the lower stage becomes a hologram above. This means that you can use video mapping, projecting, black art or any kind of visual effect. A real fountain below is a holographic fountain above. You can put tracking systems like Kinect on the upper stage and combine that with the holograms below. And with that the holograms will be really interacting with the actors.

REVO Theatre BASIC 03 PG Revo 2

The thing is that whenever we show this to potential clients, they look at us like we are aliens. The techniques involved are so much different than anything else available. It is impossible to get people to understand the process. Like trying to explain Star Trek. While it in essention a Pepper’s Ghost, it is not a standard 45 degrees angled glass or foil, and you can add all the techniques you want get your visions turned into reality on this stage.

We are wondering if there are any creative minds or creative companies or clients interested in this technique. In our opinion this technique opens so much new ways of live show making that it must be developed further.

And if so please contact us via
Skype: magicevi

PG Revo 1 Mall Hologram Int 02

Erik Visser and Exequel Biazon