Floating House Illusion

A while ago I got a request to levitate a large object above a fountain. I got this question several times before: can you levitate a large object?  And ofcourse I can. However when I mention the costs and technical options, they all decide to create another effect. But having a large object floating around is something truly spectaculair. There are only a few examples of floating houses to be found. And most of them don’t look really convincing.

And most photographs of other large levitating objects are photoshopped or optical illusions.

So I thought for a while and came up with a whole new type of levitation. A gimmick with which you can levitate everything everywhere. Like a led screen pagoda. It can float up and down, even sideways! What keeps it in place are one to four ropes or chains.

There is nothing else attached. It does not use gasses or magnetism. It’s an advanced solution, never used before in any illusion! The secret will be shared only to people interested in actually building a large floating object. It will surprise you. And this is a solution that you should be able to afford.

Imagine a garden house floating above a fountain, with a ramp going up to it. You can walk up, into the house. There you get the actual feeling of levitation: the house is not attached to anything! The ramp can move freely while the house floats up and down three feet, and moves sideways in all directions for one or two feet. When you jump inside the house you will feel the house respond to your movement, it really floats. The illusion is perfect.

This needs an advanced building team. There are some hydraulics and moving parts involved. Those are not hard to make. But the weight involved is. It can be a pretty heavy illusion. However, if you own a large amusement park and would like to have a floating castle that people can visit: I have the perfect solution for you!