Effects for theatres are completely different than in themeparks and mega-shows. A standard smoke machine will not do. Suddenly you have to think about smoke guidance and smoke controll. We already came up with constructions for that, because several years ago w had to create an illusion that needed a lot of smoke on specific places at specific times. It took more than a year to make it perfect. Smoke controll opens ways to have smoke used for projections.


(Image does not show our secret gimmick)

All this state of the art technology can be combined with the latest techniques in the magic and entertainment industry. It opens the path to new possibilities. A real horse can visually change into an elephant without the use of a box. There are already some magicians who combine magic with projections and screens, creating multimedia magic that appeals to both modern thinkers and laymen who see a whole new experience. A simple magical glass box can be completed with led screens, smoke and projections, with a person visually appearing in the box, piece by piece. Mega-illusionists have a tendency to use camera and editting magic for their illusions on tv. With live shows this kind of trickery cannot be used. But you don’t have to make 10 ships really to appear. The illusion of appearing ships itself is more than enough.

Rianfil came up with an answer for all the holographic problems, with the Revo system. This makes it possible to turn whatever you want into a hologram on stage, and have it interact with everything else on stage. This principle uses the Pepper’s Ghost but takes it to the next level thanks to an adittional gimmick.

Michael Jackson Hologram 4

(Image does not show our secret gimmick)

For a large spectacle show on water we developed Stage Floats, which open a whole new world and a whole new experience for shows on water.


For presentation purposes in shops and to draw attention to certain special items in museums Rianfil invented the Floating Table Display.


And we are also thinking about new products like moving projectors. A very simple product that opens up a whole new way of even interactive visuals.

Led screens are popping up everywhere. Even in theaters. One of the most amazing uses of led displays is the Sphere.

The sphere can be made up to 15 meters in diameter. The 6 meter one consists of 840 led panels.

With such led panels you can make any shape, not only spheres, and are alreadyon the right track with amazing ideas!