Creating a large scale effects show means more than just a couple of effects after another. We have experience in scripting large stage shows and in stage managing these kind of shows. The flow and balance is very different than that of a musical or a concert. The consultant can assist and educate in changing the scripts in prompting for stage managers, and stage managing itself.

Rianfil can help up front with the presentations and proposals for new projects. Within a couple of days we can have the first drawings ready of the effects, which means that also within days the management can show a professional concept of what it will look like and how it will be achieved. With these drawings it gets a lot easier to calculate costs and therefore a lot easier to make a professional proposal. This might become very lucrative when negotiating with other multinationals to gain projects. Imagine talking with entertainment companies about how your company could help in the creation of entertainment, and then having professional drawings of these shows and attractions ready within days!

Practical theatrical solutions for visual and magical effects, even on the grandest scale. Basic drawings and renderings of the needed equipment. Help with the actual production process.

At this moment I have plans of more than 1000 illusions, from small to mega-effects. I have build numerous illusions and stage effects up to the level of appearing motorcycles. I know how to make cars float and vanish in the air. I can transform a real horse into a statue in at least 10 ways.

My connections in this field are extremely extensive. I basically know all mayor illusionists today, and very often I can get in direct contact with them.

Magic effects in themeparks need a very different approach than stage illusions. The focus has to go to multimedia experiences with electronics that can function all day and every day, instead of an entertainer doing the magic once per day or week. And this is the field in which not many people have experience. Worldwide there are only a handfull of people who can do all the calculations for the Pepper’s Ghost to create holographic effects in every possible place. Creative minds in the field of stage entertainment very often do not have experience in effects design for attractions. That is why many themepark companies have their own special effects departments. And these experts very often know little about illusionism. I feel privileged being capable of doing both.

With magic it is possible to hide hydraulics for animatronics. With magic you can create the illusion of movement or make people believe that angels do excist.

I know at least 20 ways to create a spectaculair magical appearance of new products, a star or a host speaker. And with the help of the latest in special effects I can update these effects with visuals as leds and projections. This would mean that your company can offer more spectacle than other companies for product launches and even stadium shows. It places your company in a better position for new assignments.

I dare to say that I can make every wanted effect into reality. This means that sometimes an illusion will work best, sometimes a basic visual effect, sometimes complicated holographic displays and sometimes a combination to make the illusion come to life or create the illusion of coming to life. In the field of theatre and entertainment business it is basic to achieve an effect like a thunderstorm with visual effects and sound effects.

For commercial purposes it is also possible to have magic effects like floating tables on which new products can be shown.

Producing an elephant or a rider on his horse are mega-illusions. On television there is the opportunity to achieve this with camera trickery. But that is a type of magic that can’t be used during live shows. There are numerous ways to achieve these effects on the grandest scale. Depending on location and budget these effects might also be achieved with visual theatre trickery. They key is to keep thinking in practical solutions and not in problems.

The goal might be to have as much of these props made within your company as possible. I can instruct builders how to make the effects from start to finish. However when much props are needed these builders have to be professional enough in their work to keep up the pace. That is also where my business management and troubleshoting can come in handy….