The process

The process

Creativity – Manufacturing – Coordination – Assembly – Control

A project is born in the art department where the first drawings are created- by the skilled design team and specialist computer design programs.

We then help put together a project team that will cover all aspects of the project. In our first “brain storming” session everybody gets involved and many creative and exciting ideas are brought up – exactly what we are looking for.


Our technical team ” translates” these ideas into workable concepts. This is not always easy but the builders are the ones with the knowledge and skills to build the finished projects. The client is involved in each phase of the project. Once the project has been accepted by the client we determine where and how everything is build. Maybe you can make some of the props within your own company and maybe you want us to bring together a team of specialists to have everything build for you.

Every projects is asigned to one or more project managers, which are responsible for the coordination and successful execution from the beginning to the end of the project. Creating the best quality at the best price- that is the aim of the project teams.

The final process consists of installing and mounting the elements of the project together on site. Our projectmanager and our manufacturing team can assist during the whole process.

Of course our clients can “supervise” their project at anytime. Up to a certain point our process is capable of making last minute changes to the project.