The new ways of event marketing

An illusionist who wants to promote his new tour?

A themepark that wants to promote it’s new attraction or show?

A stage company wanting to promote it’s new grand musical?

A business trying to promote your new product?

Trying to promote a convention?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to one of the questions above, then maybe this blog can give you some new insights in, and ideas for todays marketing. It’s not flyers and adds anymore. Time for the new ways of promotion.

During the pre-event marketing, a good example is the promotion on your own Youtube channel. Not just placing a video, but a new channel especially for your event. Maybe you can launch a new website just for this event, and from there link it to whatever you want: your standard site, twitter, a blog site…..

In the next phase you start with pre-event networking. That includes apps for smartphones, creating your own community with your own forum, and a place where people can leave their questions and wishes. Trying to find out what the people want by having them talk about it.

Now it’s also time for sponsor assistance. As soon as you found some sponsors, let them help you by helping them. Maybe an app where anyone interested can also find discounts that draw them to the sponsors sites. Include the names not only on the brochures but also have links on Youtube and the special site.

During this stage you also work on the event networking. That means trying to connect the artists or speakers with the visitors. Have the singers, dancers and magicians post videos in which they present themselves. And have them talk about the event. You can supply them with a personalized cool video that they can use on their own site. Make flyers for them with a QR-code on the back. Show the people trailers. Tweet about everything that is happening. Basically keep it buzzin’. You can place videos of ‘behind the scenes’.

Then it’s time for the distribution of material. Attach your event to products. Have other sites link to your video’s. Place QR-codes in magazines. Also have photos and promo Music starting to appear on sites as Flickr and iTunes. Maybe have a cool app that links to all performers, all business, all sponsors and tells the users everything they could possibly want to know about the event. Update at least daily, especially when the events is getting closer and closer.

Post event follow up also has to be thought about. Meassuring and analysing the respons and evaluating all effects also on the social contacts. What got you the best responses? How did you get the most visitors? And, perhaps most important, what got you and the sponsors the most money?