Hologram Expert

Only a handfull of people have knowledge of the latest techniques in the field of holograms and other visual effects. Why focus so much on visuals? Lately there is an explosion of use of led screens and projections like image mapping. They are very cost effective, and very easy to use once you have knowledge of the principles being used. Holograms are the future and in several types of shows, like fashion shows, they are fully in use already. We have the perfect team for this job. Our experts know everything there is to know about visuals and holograms. Two out of five calculators worldwide are working for Rianfil! This is one field that can give your business or show a mayor advantage over competitors! The hologram experts can inform about the Pepper’s Ghost and other visual effects.

Check our (very!) extensive page about holograms:

TV-Magic Expert

In shows where videos are used to strengthen the story, it becomes necessary to make these videos as well. Many illusionists like Franz Harary, Criss Angel and Cyrill use movie magic to strengthen their magic abillities to the audience. The audience gets to see what the camera registerred, and that can be tricked very easily without expensive editting. Also when you want to have a ghost flying around in a movie, you need to know how to achieve that in a simple, quick to realise and cheap way. We have an expert in this field, who worked on the realisation of several magic acts with camera trickery. He is both magician and editor, with knowledge of movie-magic and can provide the movie making team with valuable information and insights.

Attraction Design Expert

When designing an attraction, amusement park or large theatre you need to know what else is needed besides a stage and special effects. You need to have knowledge of crowd controll, safety and a number of other aspects. And where are the toilets, where can people get a drink, can they find their way to that easily….? All these kind of questions can and must be solved before the actual realisation. An experienced attraction Designer has already dealt with these questions and can safe a lot of time and money. The Attraction Designer will assist the design team and help them with creating the best possible attraction.