Stage Management and Prompting

A course in scripting and prompting, so that employees can determine what is needed to make a show come to life. Teaching the basics of Stage Management. This course will be linked to the project ‘Share the magic!’.. Focussed on the technical side of show making, and problem solving in an already existing script, not the making of the script and storyline itself. Includes a planner with learning papers in English.


Teaching the basics in illusion design. Explaining what can be done with modern illusion techniques. And what can’t be done with basic illusion techniques, and how to solve that with other effects. Includes a learning book in a planner, and hundreds of plans, with English text. Also teaching with a lot of photos and videos.

Stage Effects

A quick lecture of what types of special effects are available, and what you can do with them. A multimedia lecture with photos, drawings and videos.

Show Making and attraction Management

Learning the process needed to make a show idea into reality or to design and make any large attraction. From technical design and scripting to creative production, event organising and masterplanning. Focussed on the technical side of the show or attraction. Also includes a planner filled with lots of learning materials.