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Rianfil can assist with all your magical and special effects. We can deliver technical plans for magic and effects in attractions. We can make history come to life with the help of holograms and other visual effects. We can help with implementation of attraction within your event. We can design and do the calculations for your new effect that will attract people into your casino. Simply tell us what your goal is and we will translate it into workable effects

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Magic exists in every themepark. The focus seems to go to multimedia experiences with electronics that can function all day and every day, instead of an entertainer doing the ‘magic’ once per day. Not only with magic but also with special effects like the holographic Pepper’s Ghost. Worldwide there are only a handfull of people who can do all the calculations for the Pepper’s Ghost to create holographic effects in every possible place. We are experienced in making these calculations.

With magic it is possible to hide hydraulics for animatronics. With these secrets you can make robots walk around or having them stand on a table with no apparent wires attached. Magic effects in themeparks need a very different approach than stage illusions. And this is the field in which not many people have experience. Creative minds in the field of stage entertainment very often do not have experience in effects design for attractions. That is why many themepark companies have their own special effects departments. And these experts very often know little about illusionism. We feel privileged having a consulting company that is capable of doing both.

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With magic you can create the illusion of movement or make people believe that angels do excist. Rianfil can invent and draw all needed effects for attractions and shows in 3D. But because of the time-issue and the professionallity we can also have handmade concepts drawn by professional attraction and show designers. We have several of these designers nearby, with experience in drawing complete attractions. At any given time any given number of effects, shows and attractions can be designed. All graphics needed for the realisation will be included. Even up to the level of the technial parts as wiring and hydraulics.

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Tell us the effect you want to achieve and Rianfil will find a magical solution for it. We can hand you the plans with which you can have your team build it for you, Rianfil can build it for you, or we can give you the name of a professional nearby who can build it for you. Our network is extensive and global. Some are enthusiast making magic happen as a hobby, and some are the best professionals in the world: so there is always a solution within your budget.

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