Stage show ideas

Now that this season has started for most themeparks, on for next year. And now that we still have a few months for next theater seasons I thought I would write down some very basic ideas for theatre shows for magicians (and other entertainers). They are all yours to take and fly away with. But please let me know if you do….

The Circus

The crowd is waiting for the circus to arrive. We see them practise their acts (the real performances). Meanwhile the lion tamer falls in love with the hoola hoop girl. But she doesn’t notice him because she falls for the slimy avances of the juggler. He is after her golden hoops. But the other entertainers see through his scam and come up with a plan to show her who here true love could and should be.

The Circus mystery

The circus is travelling from city to city and now has arrived in the themepark. But one performer is missing: the magician. Where is he hiding? What happened? They hear noises from his car but every time they take a look he is not there. Finally he is found in his car with his new illusion that forms the finale of the show.

 The Circus Props

This idea can be used for all sorts of shows. I will tell it for a magician. He enters the stage with a huge old chest, painted in circus style, like it is being used on tour with a circus. The magician explains this chest contains the history of his family. His ancestors have toured many circuses. After opening he takes out props and explains its history, while also doing the trick. In the end he shows what he has learned from all this history. He shows his own act, his signature piece. Then he takes some of the props of his own act and puts them in the chest to claim his own place in family history. Case closed….

This can also be used for jugglers, mindreaders, or characters in a themepark show. Even singers with attributes that relate to old songs… The circus setting can be replaced for vaudeville or a themepark….

Magician Warehouse

We are welcome for a tour through the magician’s secret warehouse. How are illusions invented? How are they made? Who makes them? Where does he keep his assistants?

The Dragon

Barnum & Baileys show about a dragon, as described in an earlier blog. Only those wo accomplished the strength, courage, wisdom, and the heart of the mythic beast can see one today. The whole show is about accomplishing these elements. In the end a dragon is summoned. But why not use this story to bring to life something else? The mascotte of the park. The logo of the business where you are performing… (This is a very useful theme for corporate magic!) Or maybe you get to show the true spirit of magic?


Very cool for a streetshow. In this show the watchers are the stars. They get to help the juggler, the magician, the acrobat…. Whoever your entertainer is or are. And they are surrounded by some paparazzi who make photos which the people can buy later on. Or even better: the video.

Magic Street

Where does the magician find his magic? Well, there’s a secret street with stores for all sorts of magic. And inside these shops he shows

Magic Live

The magician is followed by a cameraman. It starts several minutes before the show starts. Maybe at that time he is still at home (so the footage on the screen is not live…) and then we see him on stage. The cameraman makes close-ups of illusions. Gives a look behind the illusions. And has interaction with the magician. And whatever the camera guy is filming is seen live on two screens on the sides of the stage.


Can the illusionist tame the 4 elements? And if so what did he earn? Does he find the fifth element, ending in a spectaculair illusion? The magician will try to tame the 4 elements; earth, wind, water and fire. Four death defying acts.

The Magic Bar

Welcome to the magic bar. Prefer a magic cocktail? And who else is sitting at the bar?

The Magical Art Gallery

The stage is themed like a museum. On the walls paintings and on stage some statues. During the show the statues come to life. And characters step out of the paintings, making the scene on their painting come to life.


Visions of what goes on in the illusionist’s mind. Everything can look very colourful. Angles and lines not perfect. Things can be real, or maybe not. Did people really appear or only in his mind? Faces of dancers can be blurry, like their clothes. Everything that happens has a mystery around it of fact or fiction. And is the illusionist himself real, or maybe someone else who reveals himself at the end of the show.

The puzzle

During the act pieces of a puzzle are found. These pieces are placed on the puzzle wall to create a special photo or painting. It can represent this years theme of an amusementpark. It can solve a riddle that is the title of the show.


This could work very well for a female illusionist. Or maybe a dance show. On stage we see large shoes. Different shoes, worn by different types of people. Football shoes, ballet shoes, snowboots, high heels, tap dancing shoes, bowling shoes…. And with every pair of shoes a new act is shown that fits the shoes.

Musical Visions

Every song creates certain visions. And every song creates a certain magic. A magical musical, the combination of grand illusions that visualise the story or text in the song.


The back of the stage is a large TV screen. The TV is switched on and someone starts zapping the channels. We see some strange programs, but also some cool scenes, and these come to life on stage. If the TV screen is white fabric with slots in it then people can step in and out the TV.


The beautiful backdrops can be seen and bought here:

I hope this company doesn’t put itself out of business soon. Backdrops will still be used in future, but more and more theatres get their stage back as a led screen. Or it uses several projectors to create one complete backdrop with movement…