Pushing Thru illusion idea

Pushing Thru

This is an illusion idea that I came up with. I could come up with at least three ways to accomplish the effect. But I leave that completely for the one who goes playing with this.

It’s something that’s in my mind for years now, and I am surprised that no one else came up with it till now.

It is basically a long table, with a tall mirror or stone wall in the middle so that you can’t walk from one side to the other.

But that is not all. There is a large box that can slide from one side to the other, with the wall inside.

First the box is on one side. A person steps in.

The box is closed, and then it is pushed to the other side.

On the other side the box is opened again. The person is standing there and the only explanation can be that he or she is pushed through the wall.

that’s basically it… The only thing that you have to take with you in the actual design is the ability for the audience to see the wall during the performance. Maybe you can make a fence of metal bars that you put up and that can be seen through the top of the box. Or make the metal plate or stone wall higher than the box….

You could also do this with a motorcycle or even a car. And you could have the front of the box as a videoscreen with an extra visual effect of the person walking through the wall.

So this is it.. The basic idea for you to do with it whatever you want.  For a person a base is one way of doing it. But what when you want to slide over a motorcycle? And it would be nice maybe to see a shadow going through the wall to the other side….