For Magicians

Rianfil has consulted numerous magicians worldwide, from amateurs to professionals, with character design, illusions design, scripting and every aspect in consulting.

Magic has an international appeal, almost like a universal language, and bridges all cultural and geographic boundaries even more than music or any other type of entertainment. Live magic is an artform all on it’s own. Every industry is constantly looking to re-invent itself. Also in the field of magic state of the art technology is used to create a new and modern style of magic. Magic has proven in history to use technology that is ahead of its time. magic creators are experts who understand today’s theatre and entertainment business.

If you are a starting magician and want a quick start into the professional magic, you need to know some other things except magic and business. Prompting, blocking, characterising…  When you want to build an illusion yourself, Rianfil can design it in 3D for you with all the right measurements. We already have several 3D building plans ready for you and can provide you with plans of almost all non-copyrighted illusions. Besides that we have several people on our list, all over the world, who can build these illusions for you.


If you plan to go touring and need to script and prompt your show, Rianfil can do all this work for you and supply a complete rundown and promptbook for your show..

And if you have an idea that needs to be scripted, tell us your idea and we can turn it into a workable theatre story.