The time awareness state of your product

One of the biggest mistakes I saw a lot lately when consulting companies was the mismatch of the Time Consciousness Awareness of their product(s) and their potential buyers. What am I talking about? Well marketing is not all about mathematics. It’s also about psychology, the minds of your customers.

Creation Is Accelerating. Now, you’ve probably noticed a constant acceleration around you. Maybe some of you have noticed that time seems to be speeding up. That’s not exactly true. Time is not speeding up; creation is. There are more and more events in less and less time than ever before and it’s going to keep on accelerating and keep on accelerating.

Everyone of you has a different experience of how much consciousness shift there is between one day and the next. Most readers were born in a cycle when things were changing once every 20 years or so. You were born to a couple of really nice people, called your parents, and up until you were 13-15 years old everything was going along just fine until then you started noticing something. And you know those people who claimed that they were your parents, they loaded you up in the car and took you places; remember that? This difference of point of view; you knew for sure, whether you did it politely or not so politely, you knew for sure that you were more capable of handling situations and new information than your parents ever could or ever would. This was called the generation gap when people were talking about that sort of thing. And studies were done all over about how long the generation gap was and they came out with the idea it was 20 years long. There. But what used to happen in 20 years now happens in 360 days. A shift of consciousness awareness of time.

Does that answer a couple of questions of why you feel a little overwhelmed from time to time? Get used to it or get over it. We are the Prozac nation. The reason I said either get used to it or get over it is because here what used to take almost a year, the same amount of change will be happening every 20 days. Some of you are of the age where you would have gone to school for a career. Invested years of your life toward a particular career; maybe you ’re on your third. By the time we get up into the next conscious state, forget about it. The science you hear about today is history tomorow… With every new generation it gets about 20 times faster. The thing is; you life in a different, faster, consciousness time state than your parents, and you have a much slower conscious state than your kids. You can’t keep up with your kids minds. And you can’t believe how slow your parents are with certain things. Not emailing you on your birthday but sending you a card in an envelope, that they sent 2 days before. Not doing their bank transactions online but really take the time to go to their bank or making transactions via old school mail. They don’t see the need for high speed trains, and your kids are hoping it gets ten minutes faster by the time they are old enough to buy their own tickets.

Things that were completely impossible — miracles, things that would never happen 50 years ago — now are your daily life; like cell phones for instance, video phones, that kind of thing. So this process is like a constant acceleration, and I mean constant from here all the way through and then it starts accelerating faster and faster. Each time it ’s 20 times faster. This is also why drugs is and stays so popular. Drugs slow down your time awareness state. It makes the world you an understandable, happy place. People who use drugs aren’t sick. It’s a mental state, they need it to escape their non-understandable world and step into one they do understand and makes them feel good. Even if it involves flying pink singing hedgehogs… Time awareness.

Imagine you are in a big semi-truck sitting in a parking lot. When you take off you’re going to take off in first gear, right. And you are going to go faster and faster and faster until you’re going as fast as you can in that gear. Then what do you do? You put in the clutch. you reach for another gear, you let out the clutch and you accelerate into the next gear. At a certain point you run out of clutches. But you children, who were driving behind you, drive a different car. A modern sportscar. And by the time you ran out of clutches, they are only half way and drive past you like a silver bullet. Imagine their kids behind the wheel of a jetplane….

And because people have different awarenesses of time, the things they buy, the things they are interested in, have to fit the state of awareness they are in. Your grandparents see products very differenty than you do. Todays kids have very different views of products than their parents. Mobile phones have to have a whole scala of apps they are online with 24/7. Internet is getting old and rusty, so they already started with internet 2.0…. Lego is played with on computers….

After this text it should be clear that any product that you have will also be placed in a certain time awareness. It may not only look old fashion but be mentally old fashion as well. You don’t read about this in any marketing books. But this is so important! Just look at companies like Apple, Windows, Coca Cola…. Just look at all the companies and shops that seem to do great at this time. It is because it is their time, they are operating in the right time awareness. The consciousness state of their customers. They make sure that their products are related to what most people see as their time awareness, and if they do a good job the products fits in more than one awareness states.  They do that not only by offering the right products but also create an image of the company as a whole that fits in most people’s time awareness. It’s one of the things going through your mind during that first moment you see something. Your intuition will tell you to buy that product right away or just keep it there on the shelf and walk on…. So whatever you do make sure your product and your company has that certain time awareness that (most) of you customers have. It will give a boost to your sales!

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