City of Dreams Lima

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The Arts – music and dance. Aesthetics and beauty of the planet we live in. Love, compassion, passion and dedication to the community and value and care to oneself


Sports and participation in activities offered. A healthy diet, knowledge of basic nutrition and nurturing ahealthy mindset and good habits.


Cultivating the mind through education, a spirit of intrigue, curiosity, asking questions and seeking to find solutions through gameplay and experiential learning

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The City of Dreams project is an opportunity for development of a large urban area, creating an entire tourist and economic, educational and social development infrastructure from which the entire Peru can benefit. It is attached to the Diverse World Foundation, meaning it should become a haven for the lower groups of citizens who can learn here and get a future. City of Dreams has the assistance of the entire Odyssey Resorts team. The resort will house museums, a theme park, entertainment areas, and lots of educational attractions:

  • Theatre557552_450763018297067_951818867_n
  • Community Hall
  • School of Music & Arts
  • Themed Restaurants / Dining
  • Space Explorer
  • The Snow Globe
  • Rainforest Safari10644831_651719471608759_8178403639326917075_n
  • Journey into the Mines
  • Sporting Activities Centres
  • Interactive Aviation Museum
  • Interactive Maritime Museum
  • Themed Playgrounds
  • Theme ParkAWW peuterbad facebook 21032013
  • Water Park
  • Education Center
  • Archeology Center
  • Educational Camps
  • Traffic and Road Safety School
  • Carreer Guidance and Job Center

Mall 4c 06Besides thes attractions a large shopping mall and hotels are added around the spiral. With the help from the Odyssey Resorts team efforts will be made to make the resort eco friendly.

There has already been established a connection with United Nations for a possible Kids United Nations building where children from all over the planet can meet and become part of the future.

The masterplan

Inspired by the spirit of Nazca, the development will be designed as a series of simple lines and geometric shapes.

There is very complete website:

Click on this text to go to the website of City of Dreams.

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villorioThe A Diverse World foundation works closely together with local and national government. A large piece of land has been proposed and offered. Local authorities already agreed on working together on infrastructure.

Key Financials

The total amount of financing depends strongly on the final masterplan. Many attractions and centers can be added, deleted or changed. The goal is to provide a safe haven for children to come to – for love,understanding, nurturing, education and enrichment. To cultivate values and high moral stand25ards and a sense of civic consciousness. This project is an opportunity for development of these areas, creating an entire tourist and economic, educational and social development infrastructure, making this project entirely different than the project in Warsaw or Sydney. Further details can be discussed.

Kids United Nations

UN 013Resembling the United Nations, this is a place where representatives of children from all over the world will meet and discuss children’s issues and their future. This building will be designed with similar lines but more child-like and bright colour panels and flags will be leaves of the tree of life.

Kids World Expo

huaca02Through the Expo, the children of the participating countries have a platform for bringing their culture and initiatives in allocated themed areas. Through innovation and artistry, they will demonstrate their vision of a world they desire. Participating countries will have pavilions as illustrated.

Theme Park

adventure-world-warsaw-wizualizacja3The City of Dreams theme park will be packed with great rides and attractions catered to the whole family and uniquely for Peru. Find yourself in the middle of amazing stories and true pioneer adventures. A wonderful way to spend the day.


Development of the resort will be done according to TEA standard.

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