Leisure development and management with a conscience

Attractions and Theme Parks

Project Management and Problem Solving for attractions and theme parks.

Illusion and effects design and creation.

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Our experts can assist with design and implementations of special effects in attractions. The development of these attractions and theme parks can also be supervised.  Among our experts we have true masters in optical illusions and holograms. And we have some of world’s best attraction and show developers. From magical fountains to themed boatrides to special effects shows: ‘been there, done that’.

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Creating magic for an already designed attraction is very different from managing an attraction from the beginning with magic in mind. Very often it saves time and money when a darkride or themed attraction is designed with solutions already in place. I can help with effects design and creation but we can also provide you with a complete team of experts that can fully develop the attraction for you.

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We have designed countless attractions, and we have designed many holographic effects and magic effects to be used within darkrides and walkthroughs. Coming from the world of illusions we know that very often the illusion of something is already enough. There is no need for vanishing animatronics, or complex sets. Holographic solutions, optical illusions and other visual effects can be more efficient and more effective for people’s minds. Implementing such kind of illusions right from the start can make it a very different attraction.

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We can make 3D models of the location and desired attraction, we can completely design it from concept to construction plans, and we can manage the whole project and make sure it gets build.

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Also, if you are already in the process of an attraction or park, and are facing some problems, we can assist and help you solve the problems you are facing. With our over 50 attraction projects we have more than enough experience to be at your service no matter what situation you are in.

Feel free to contact us.


Erik: erikvisser@rianfil.com

Exequel: exequelbiazon@rianfil.com

or look at our contact page for more options.

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