Some of our expert friends

Our experts are from all over the world. Just to name a few…


Exequel Biazon – Visual Effects, Holograms, Architect, Designs

ej-newExequel is the owner of Sfumato Holograms in the Philippines and has an education in interior design and project management.. It is Rianfil’s hologram branche and the only company in the world capable of making multilayered 3D holographic displays for every situation. With the latest techniques holograms can even have shadows and look completely 3D.  The new REVO systems enables you to have complete freedom over your holograms even in a large theatre setting. Exequel is member of a national group of smart people trying to solve Philippines problems. He is also a certified designer, currently known for designing Jollibee fastfood restaurants.

Yui Liu Hong – Project Manager

Liu has managed over 3 dozen leisure projects for several clients in China. He understands what is needed from start to finish to get an attraction designed, constructed and functioning. Liu has also been personal assistant for many foreigners at several companies because of his international attitude and his English speaking skills. Liu has had training in 3D design and understands the design process, but his power is in translating that into documentation understandable for the client.

David Bakas – Masterplanner and Operations

15690e5A man of many hats- and proud that some of them have “Mouse Ears”! Themed entertainment and attractions industry professional proficient in both the creative development and operational management sides of the business.  Decades of experience throughout the industry and the globe in bringing theme parks and attractions to life as well as managing venues. Currently devoted to developing major theme park destination resorts, especially the Worlds of Wonder destination resort for Western Sydney, the spiritual successor to Wonderland Sydney, which will be the largest theme park destination in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as projects elsewhere in the globe such as Poland’s Adventure World Warsaw theme park destination resort and the effort to bring back Jazzland theme park in New Orleans.

Peter Mulder- Financial Expert and Legal Expert

pjm-img_0627As owner, interim, commercial manager, and founder from principal of several projects in supply chain, real estates, hotels, housing, waste energy , leisure with an independent spirit to the management and operation of real estates, waste energy, theme park, entertainment center, and other real estates leisure-time projects in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland. This affords leadership role in foreign business and strategic planning practice as well as primary advisory to the new development team, enhancing business practices, improving financial performance, developing re–positioning and turnaround strategies, and analyzing expansion initiatives for a broad range of investors.

Tonya Pope – Attraction Design and Development

aaeaaqaaaaaaaasuaaaajdu1mdqxnti4lte3ndktndhmzs05yjywlty4mzi4zjk3nwqyoqExperience in project management and leadership encompassing the areas of Construction Management, Creative Development, and Technical Development, both in and out of the entertainment industry. Degreed Electrical and Computer Engineer, she started her career in the aerospace industry working at NASA. After gaining from this memorable experience, Tonya chose to leave the aerospace industry to pursue creative opportunities. She owned and operated a themed entertainment design business prior to founding Paidia. She is currently working on an entertainment resort, called Jazzland, in New Orleans.

Ammar Khan – Urban Development

03ba415Ammar has great expertise in urban renewal and land redevelopment, working on own projects and also for external clients. Highest and best use, as well as overcoming site impediments a specialty. He can fully relate to state and local government planning policies, and devise the most efficient and profitable solutions. He is currently Project Director of the Western Sydney Theme Park project, with Sydney’s Wonderland. Ammar has a lot of experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction – giving the client best possible solutions & flawless service. Precast concrete buildings and structures a specialty, and loves to work with even the most challenging development sites

Rupesh Thakur – Animations and multimedia FX

1209372_10151864723878750_1370374242_nRupesh Thakur has proven himself to be one of the most influential illusion designers in the Asian magic world today. His work as a master creator of Mega Illusions has changed the way live Tv Magic entertainment has come to look in Asia. Specifically, his understanding of illusioneering, combined with his vision of cutting edge science of illusion and imagery, has allowed him to literally redefine illusion as a venerable element in a Tv platform. Magicians, illusionists and Magic show Tv producers from world over contact him for ideas for putting mega magic into their act. He provides all information, tools, tips and expert help to make magicians do grand illusions, such as Aeroplanes and helicopters dissappearances and appearances, building and yatch and submarines and vehicles disappearances and appearances, explosions and fire-escapes! Teletransportation effects; 100 people vanish and appearances at a go… Truck levitations, or Truck Changes.. Anything you can imagine.

Afzaal Afridi – Illusionist and Representative Middle East

13901329_1538709256155306_5478832498948914684_nAfzaal Afridi is the most demanded illusions, Mind Reading act & Street Magic performer in Pakistan. His unique presentation style makes him entertaining, charming and stylish. Afzaal has performed for corporate and private engagements all over Pakistan. He also has been repeatedly hired internationally for his award-winning shows and been featured in various international television appearances. Besides that, his unique ideas for magic tricks were published by an international association for the use by his peers in the industry. Afzaal is the 1st illusionist who performed in “Lux Style Award 2016” Ali Zafar was disappeared from the stage & produced among the audience in 30 seconds by Afzaal Afridi. He has had his unique magic published for other magicians. Lately Afzaal is developing large events for the Middle East elite, while appearing several times a month in television programs.

Gustiansyah Panca Surya – International Affairs

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajjaaaajgm3zgu0y2y3lti0nzgtngeyms04mzzllwvmntjkzjzlntvlywPanca has an education in International Affairs, knowing how to communicate with global partners and how to keep an international team on the same page. He is a teacher in English to both children and adults. Panca has travelled globally and is well familiair with leisure. For any international project having an expert in international affairs is priceless. Besides his professional skills Panca is one of the friendliest and warmest people you will ever meet.



Victor Eilering – IT

I worked with Victor on several leisure projects where he implemented software and hardware. Having the right project management tools is crucial, and Victor has worked out a system that works almost anywhere and anytime. Having Victor do his work right at the beginning of your project will save you a lot of time and money later.


Stefano Gondowardono – Bookkeeping

2abd71aStefano has run several financial departments of national and international operating companies. These include large insurance companies and high tech departments of global businesses. Stefano is extremely good at keeping an eye on all the money involved in a project.


Joel Lange – Designer Specialist

Joel is freelance Designer Specialist for Theme Parks & Entertainment with over a decade of joellangeexperience in the themed entertainment industry.  He is a multifaceted artist who conceives,  directs and produces concept art for theme parks, CAD plan, scenic design, storie-line, story-board, comic strip, character design, game design, props and devices design, layout, logo, brochure, business cards, visuals for trade shows, interface design, HUD, newsletter, and the web design. His strong work ethic, creative style, eye for detail, team-player attitude, and unique combination of technical talents has afforded him wonderful opportunities to work on international theme park projects all over the world, water parks, family center, Mall, Hotel resort, Palais, casino, stage shows, stunt show, special events, and more.

Ariel Oliveros – Construction Management

Ariel is widely known in the Philippines as the illusionist performing dangerous ninja-like tricks with fire and swords. He bends steel with his throat. Besides that he is professional designer and builder of illusions and stage sets for shows. He regularly manages a team that developes and delivers large sets for television and theatre.


Adeel Abassi – Office Manager and Project Manager

Besides being a famous radio host in the Emirates this man has years of experience in office management, especially for construction projects and events through the entire Middle East. He is well educated in project management skills, and can run any office. Adeel is keen on ethics and getting local involvement in all of his projects.


Erik Visser – Technical Developer

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahxaaaajdfjnzrhmti3ltc3ymmtndm1yy1hmwjklwrjmdqxmgyxognhmwErik has worked on countless projects all over the planet. He is currently involved in some of the world’s largest leisure projects as technical developer and masterplanner. He is an expert in magic, holograms, optical illusions, stage effects, attraction effects, attractions and rides systems, and all technology involved in leisure. Erik has a long history of solving problems with existing attractions and is known to handle complex attraction projects.