Attraction Response Matrix

The Attraction Response Matrix

In 2011 the Dutch Pieter Cornelis stunned the theme park industry with his formula that can predict if and how much a new attraction to a park will be successful.

In this thesis, Pieter Cornelis researched the influence of investing in new attractions at European theme parks. A matrix has been developed with which effects new attractions can be explained in the past. The effects of attractions in it past can be calculated fairly accurately, but this can not yet be ruled out be done about the effects of future attractions. By means of a so-called Attraction Response Matrix looking for an explanation for the differences in the found effects, however, the risk of future investments can be reduced.

The matrix tries to predict the addition of a new attraction, the retheming of an existing attraction, the addition of a new show or occurance of a special event such as Halloween. It takes in account variables such as week or weekend days, national holidays, vacation periods,, temperature, opening hours, entrance fee…
So not only does it predict the effect of a new attraction, but also what today will do compared to yesterday.
Most large theme parks are already using this matrix formula. But so far there was not a program that can easily do the work for you. The formula is complex and needs to be calculated every day and with every new variable that you want to see it’s effect of.

The ARM Tool

We are working on this matrix as a software program that can calculate everything you want after you filled in the known variables. This could be the most valuable piece of software for you if you own an amusement park or tourist attraction. We are not fully there yet, but in a few months this tool is up and running and at your service!

The first big data leisure solution, making the world of Themeparks more intelligent each day with every visitors. Our service is the pinnacle of the future theme park. Our self-learning AI combines real world data of the greatest parks in the world and many influencer, like the weather, news, social media trends from your target visitor group. Our groundbreaking Deep Learning algorithm innovates using the world’s strongest supercomputers to offer your park highly customized & unique, yet beautifully simple Real-Time data that you want, be it for anything from feasibility study, to anticipating trends, accurate visitor projections in great detail and revenue predictions. Something you could only dream of in the future is now here and ready to work for you!

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