Change the world globally, act locally

Update Globalie Foundation:

When it comes to the Globalie Foundation: this foundation reached out to me and we are in ongoing conversations about how to proceed with this team that is eager to start something that will change the world.

Everything is legit and fine, though it might appear mysterious at the moment. There are reasons for that; because the foundation is in the process of starting up there are many things that can’t be in the open yet for legal reasons. Globalie and Rianfil are working on this! This foundation is in the process of starting up, went online perhaps a little bit too early in their enthusiasm, but is working hard on better communications.

Me and many with me had serious doubts about Globalie after getting contacted by someone of the foundation.

In a few weeks the Globalie Foundation will go officially public, which will result in changes on their website, and hopefully leads to a better understanding for all people who were contacted by the Foundation.

Let’s all sit and wait for the magic to happen. If Globalie does reach out to you: feel honored, perhaps register, and for the rest wait till anyone comes back to you after the official launch. You don’t have to pay anything, there are no fees.

For all the people who contacted me about Globalie Foundation or emailed Globalie directly: I will get back to all of you later in the process, even if you were like me on the negative side. We can all work together on a fresh and great start of something unique.

Magical regards,

Erik Visser – Rianfil


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