Investors Opportunity: Commercial holograms

At Rianfil we develop effects such as holograms. We have several concepts for commercial use. Unfortunately we don’t have the right connections in this field to make holographic equipment for gaming or advertising a success.

Maybe you are our help and can work with us on a startup for the next generation of holographic displays.

We developed and constructed numerous holographic and multimedia visual effects. We are not new with holograms displays.

The Holotop

Top SK14 02 Top SK14 04 Top SK14 05

The holotop is a gaming and 3D designing display that produces holographic images.

img_20141018_000918 img_20141018_010139

It can be folded flat for easy transport, making it look like and having the size of a large laptop.

Animation file 25 Animation file 24 Animation file 20

It can be connected to gaming consoles such as X-Box Kinect, meaning it can have an in-build sensor and other technology.

img_20141018_005437 img_19800107_192200 img_19800107_192031

It is also great for 3D designing applications.

zdisplay-sk-84847 zdisplay-holoframe-05

We have designed and build several versions already. Production of the display can be done in the Philippines, making it very cost effective! We have the design ready for 3D printing meaning we can produce as much working models as you would want.

ZDisplay (13) modern 印刷- ZDisplay (2)

What this needs is someone with an entrepreneur mind and the right connections to make the holotop a success!

Animation file 07 Animation file 05 Animation file 01

The Four Sided Advertising Box

The Advertising Box is perfect for malls. New products can be shown as holograms from all sides. Advertising time can be bought, making this a very profitable concept.
 black and neon green Square11 UPGRADE HOLOGRAM
In theory all 4 sides can show a different hologram, meaning advertising time can be sold 4 times in each box.
This display has already been fuly designed. We made a fullsize testing model with the basic options.
 2014-01-26 12.32.44  2014-01-26 12.31.50  2014-01-26 12.33.10
The holograms of the projects have to be made with the use of a blackroom and editting software. We can have our own team creating the holograms.
 IMG-20131029-WA0000 IMG-20131029-WA0001 gear2
  201211813030870 201211813020426 quanxi1
Also footage can be send in from others, or we can use models to promote items. Any time their footage is used anywhere they can get a percentage of the earned money, making this profitable for participants as well.
Piramyd Box 01   Pyramid Hologram 03 Dragon Display Small 02  Flower 04  Jellys option 3 (3) Evita setup up 04
We can make it any size.
Erik Visser (leisure (technical) technical & construction)
Skype: magicevi  
Phone: +316 8156 6065
Main office Sneek, The Netherlands

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