Special Effects

Below is a whole range of special, magical and visual effects. All used today over the globe in numerous productions. Most experts know everything about these effects. But when it comes to ‘when what to use and how’, many seem to fail. Rianfil has leading experts who can consult you in these effects, with the intended result in mind…

Lighting FX

Cobra Head.

Moving Head Domes for outdoor use.


Led Washers instead of Par lamps.


Moving heads with gobos for visual effects. Preferably moving gobos and if possible animation gobos that can visualise effects like fire and rain.

Smoke and Fire FX

Co2 projectors. Preferably with colours and moving.

Coloured CO2 can set the tone for an act.


It is possible to project images on CO2. This is perfect for hallucination-like effects.

Smoke in different colours. Smoke machines can contain up to 4 different colours beside white.

There are also moving heads with build in smoke effect.

Low smoke can be used as a waterfall effect; very amazing with projections of water.

Low smoke moves downwards and can be used to crawl over scenery.

Smoke projections are perfect to visualise massive scenes like a war. Combined with fire it creates a very astonishing effect.

The latest fire projectors can have colour packages installed for flames in different colours. Some can contain up to 4 different colours. Effects like moving and bursts are available.

Water Projections

Water projections can be used on fountains, sprays and waterfalls. It can be used prefectly for the visualisation of large scenery, and large objects and animals like a flying dragon.

Fluorescent Effects

With fluorescent lighting this paint lights up. Used a lot in Disney’s darkrides. In combination with normal paint it can create the effect that on a complete one coloured wall images light up.

Not to confuse with (remote controlled) led light suits…

Moving Head Scenery

Scenery as barrels and miniature houses can be used to hide lighting effects. As an extra this scenery can be used for its own effects. This scenery makes it possible to place lights without disturbing the scene.

Disney calls them lighthouses to hide the lighting effects.

Multiple Screen Animations

When led screens are installed, this is the perfect setting for multiple-screen animations. These animations can move all over the setup. Sharks can swim from one side to another, a dragon can fly around…. Heads of large people or animals can be seen….  The only extra needed ‘thing’ is the right software.

And what about flexible led-screens? Leds don’t have to be on a flat surface. You can have led-waves, even moving. So much options for leds…


Software like Martin’s Show Designer and ESP Vision enables you to build up or import a stage from programs as Autocad and then add lighting and special effects like fountains, fire and smoke. After this you can make it come to life and even make a movie to show everyone what it will look like.



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