Leisure development and management with a conscience

Tender of your project

Since Rianfil works very different from all other leisure companies, you will notice a slightly different approach when you ask us to tender for your project.

We prefer to work with our clients, join forces, discuss problems and find solutions as one team.

If in any way possible we strongly suggest to step away from a fixed price. Talk with us. Discuss how we can safe money or improve quality and maintenance for the same price. Or how we can speed up certain parts and slow down others to safe money and still be ready at the desired date.


On several previous tenders we gave our clients a price and added a minimum and maximum cost range. This means we calculate how much in our opinion your project will cost according to your specifics but our methods, and then add calculations on how much money we can safe and how much more it will cost if we follow your methods.

During the whole process we can either scale up or scale down on your attraction(s) and with that change the price accordingly. This way you never pay too much. You pay what you get. And what you want to get can change during the time, so the costs can change accordingly.


We always try to work as much as possible with local suppliers. Often they can offer the same quality for a much lower price, but need guidance if it is their first time supplying to a theme park or show. We can arrange that.


Or we team up with the best of the best from Western countries, who don’t need such guidance and can supply faster but at a higher price.

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