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Pricing and time

Before we can give you an accurate answer of how much your project will cost and how long it will take we need to know everything about your project.

Only after we have a finished our Project Handbook we can provide a price estimate of how much your project will cost, how much time it might take, and which parties are involved in the realisation. Sometimes there is not much information to be found and then the Handbook is done very quickly. The further you already are in the process the more we need to study its history to find out all the details we need.

By first making the Project Handbook we know exactly what you want. And we can put a price on that. We know very accurately how much it will cost, and we already figured out how fast we can do construction on what location, and when the project will be finished. Other companies provide an estimate based on what they think you want and on what they think they can do for you, because they don’t have all the necessary information. They provide an estimate based on their current team with their salary expensed that you pay for even if you are using only half of the company’s capacity. By doing it our way we can guarantee you that we are incredibly more price effective than all our competitors! And since we prefer to work with local suppliers and constructors we are usually quite well in control of schedule and quality. No long shipping delays, because the products are created as close to your location as possible.

Because we do spend time on the project handbook, and on team assembly, you might feel that your project is moving slow at the beginning. However, by taking our time to figure out the right information right from the beginning we waste less time in the rest of the process. Less changes

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