Leisure development and management with a conscience

Initiation process

This is what a start-up usually goes through:

  1. Obtaining a signed Land Option Agreement with Local Government or owner. Land must be legally available.
  2. Set-up of project-company with a working capital. Signed agreements for the initiation steps of development. Working capital must be in place.
  3. Rianfil helps putting the initiation team together, and helps with the documentation for the investor(s) and architects.
  4. Making a Master Plan together with (your?) architect , with input from all the stakeholders.
  5. Making an Investment Model and Financial Model, Together with (your?) acknowledged accountancy
  6. Presentation of the above to the City Council, together with client, Rianfil, architect and accountancy.
  7. Resulting in a signed Land Agreement on the land with appropriate zoning and the development of the project with Local Government.
  8. Payments of points 2,3,4,5 via the project-company, with the working capital. Land owned.
  9. A loan to the project-company with purchase of land / capital design costs / building permit. Depending on price of land. The amount should be fully available.
  10. Rianfil puts the development team together in consultation with the client, experts and stakeholders, and prepares the project up to the building permits.
  11. Completing funding of entire project.
  12. Start of construction phases. In combination with permits approval
    and tendering.

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