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How we can assist with your project

What will happen if Rianfil assists you with your project?

We work different from all our competitors. We don’t simply start: before we do anything we know in full detail what you want, who the stakeholders are, what the situation is with the land and financing…

By doing it our own way we can guarantee that we are more cost/price effective (cheaper) and are more in controll of time than all our competitors. We will pleasantly surprise you with our costs compared to other companies. And that even while we make sure everyone involved in the project gets paid and treated fairly. From designers to construction workers: we focus on fairplay. We are also in a much better control of time: we calculate before we start in the most accurate way how long each part of the whole development will take. And we know exactly why it takes that time, where there is room for speeding up processes, what we can fast-track…

How we can assist depends on when we are invited to look at your project:

  • When your project is still in initiation phase we can help you determine what to do to get your project to the next phase.
  • When you are looking for funding we can’t do the financing ourselves but we can connect you with potential investors after we discussed with you what kind of financing you are looking for, and help you making all the documents in order.
  • When the project is already designed and ready for construction, and looking for tenders, we can determine the specifics with you and make the bidbooks.
  • When having it realised by Rianfil: we determing scope, time, price, quality, and make sure we have a turn-key delivery.
  • And we can manage the complete realisation for you.

Apart from this, Rianfil can act as consulting organisation for

  • problem solving
  • crisis management
  • masterplanning
  • documentation
  • show rundowns and scripting
  • Illusions and Special Effects
  • IT problems

We have a standard agreement and NDA that we can use with you during the first steps. This can be replaced later in the process by your own agreement when development and realisation starts. Until then your confidentiality and assurance can be covered by this agreement of which there is a template at the end of the brochure.

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