Leisure development and management with a conscience

Getting Started

Getting started

  1. Gather information
  2. Come up with a plan
  3. Start-up process
  4. Design Development
  5. Tendering and Construction

First we sit down with you to discover in detail what your project is all about and what the status is.

After a first meeting we can also already start with the strategy and masterplanning. To do so we do a brainstorm session with your team to figure out what you want, what and how we can help you with, when and with what budget. This entire process usually takes a few weeks and might need follow-up discussions on location or via phone or skype, depending on scale of the project. We work fast. After the first process you already have a detailed handbook and first masterplanning of your project.

By request we can put your whole system in our very own online Project Management Tool. With this tool it is possible to manage any complex project for all involved parties.

This handbook sets us apart from all our competitors. Though fairly standard nowadays with complex construction projects such as power plants and hospitals, the concept of a handbook is lacking almost completely in the world of leisure and entertainment.

This is mostly because clients are impatient and want to see rapid results all the way even right from the beginning. But we slow down and first make sure we have proper documentation and a proper plan before we start spending your money. In this handbook we specify up to several hundred topics that are important for the realisation of the project.

During this step we can incorporate all stakeholders: we want to make sure that we have all the information and that everyone involved understands what is happening. And although it might make you feel that it slows down the project it actually does speed up everything that comes after! Because we have all the answers and can figure out what to do, when and how.

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