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Finding funding

(Sorry: currently no financing available for Africa, China, India and certain MENA States.)

Because of the current worldwide situation there are lenders with large sums of equity, but no projects to invest in. Rianfil teamed up with investors in Canada, the U.S.A. and England, to find new leisure projects currently looking for financing.

We can only consider project experienced individuals who are cash-liquid to about USD 35-40 K for due diligence and other costs, have a financial backbone in place for initiation, and whose project is reasonably shovel/financing ready with project information and documentation being (fairly) complete and available.

They are not angel investors; and only looking for projects ready for full finance, with a complete business plan and financially strong enough by themselves to be considered for a large loan. If you can’t afford spending for necessary costs, you should look for an angel investor before connecting with our lenders.

In general:

•Funding: Up to 100%.
•Amounts: USD 50 million – USD 10 Billion
•Interest Rates: 7.5% – 8.5%, negotiable.
•Amortization: 3 years with a possible 1-year extension.
•Lender Success Fee: 3% on average.
•Broker Fee: 2%-3% depending on funding amount.
•USD 35 K Due Diligence costs for Borrower and project.
•Travel expenses for Lender’s site visit should this be necessary.
•Lenders are based on the West-Coast USA, Vancouver Canada and in London UK.
•Funding timeline: About 60-80 days – at the speed of the Borrower.

Loan programs

These lender’s loan programs have a long track record of successful fundings. They handle everything from start to finish, such as intake, pre underwriting, onsite visit & due diligence, underwriting, closing and funding.
They will fund up to 100% of costs of most types of projects internationally, however (new) construction projects are preferred.
In terms of construction projects, it is important to note that construction loans need to be paid off with a permanent loan at the end of the construction period, or at the end of 3-4 years, whichever occurs later.

Your next step

You can send the following documentation:

  • Project overview or brief
  • Project Handbook or Business Plan
  • Project Financial overview
  • Project NDA



after which our financial expert will have a look at the status of your project. We let you know within 48 hours about funding options, and if so connect you with the lender(s).


  1. You submit project documentation and information to us for initial review.
  2. Our expert investigates if the project makes sense, and has the needed financial backbone.
  3. We inform you if we see options for financing, or not.
  4. If so: we notify which documents are missing/needed
  5. You get connected with the lender
  6. The lender reviews project/information
  7. You discuss options for financing with the lender(s)
  8. The lender accepts, in principle, to fund project in max. 6 draws/tranches
  9. The lender sends our PSA (Personal Services Agreement) and full funding terms and conditions to Borrower
  10. You review and share with your Team/Attorney, etc
  11. An initial and, if needed, follow-up Skype call and/or CC is arranged with the lender
  12. If wanted or needed you arrange an on-site meeting with the lender
  13. When BOTH sides are satisfied, you arrange a Due Dilligence with the lender, costs around USD 35 K
  14. The lender begins thorough Due Dilligence
  15. The project gets initialized and registered etc.
  16. You receive the funding (first batch) during initiation

Please note:

This loan program is offered to serious clients, whose project is financing-ready, with all the business documents (as good as) ready, with permits/permitting in place or in progress, and who are appropriately cash liquid.

We can not consider any projects for our financers, when you or your project do not have a business and financial plan. And you do need to have a liquidity enough to be seriously considered for a loan.

Rianfil is not an investment company. We design and build. And we help solving challenges. One such a challenge is finding funding for your project. We can get you connected to financers, and do business with them, not in any way with Rianfil, though we can do your project management and development.

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