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Finding funding

Rianfil is not an investment company. We design and build. And we help solving challenges. One such a challenge is finding funding for your project.

We divide this in two groups:

  1. Your project has funding for the startup, team assembly and initiation, looking for funding of the project itself.
  2. Your project can have some designs and documents already, but no funding in place at all.

When you have initiation money we will first make sure that you have the proper documentation such as financial teaser, feasibility and forecast. When we are all sure these papers are perfect, we will connect you with potential investors.

When you have no funding at all we will help you with making the right documents and help you find your angel investor. It is exceptionally difficult to find the person or organisation that is willing to invest in your dreams. You must have solid documents. We will do our best for you. But no funding also means that we are limited in our assistance.


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