Leisure development and management with a conscience

Development management

The earlier we are connected in the development process the easier and cheaper we can make it for you.

When we get on board after initiation you very likely already have a good idea, and possibly some concepts of your project.

We can have a quick look at concept designs and tell you if the project is feasible and how much it would cost. We can tell you if you get a good deal with the ride manufacturer. We can warn you of problems that might occur that you didn’t think of based on our real life experience.

It is, for instance, very common to mistakingly not have a ‘Back of House’ in the designs. A computer room, a large equipment door or emergency passages are often forgotten in the concepts. Waste management is one of the biggest problems in any theme park, and yet very often completely overlooked. Puting all this in the design later in the process means making changes in the overall design of the attractions and that takes extra time and extra money. How do you get large equipment in or out a building for replacement or restauration? The answer seems obvious, but such thoughts are very often overlooked in the designing phases. The same goes for a maintenance pit for ride vehicles. We have experience in realisation, and use all our knowledge for our design work.

Since we have developed many large scale show productions, we know what audiences like. And we have been backstage working on props management, created solutions for dressing and make-up locations. We know measurements from hands on experience.

Development is usually and universally divided into three phases:

  1. Concept Design (a portfolio with drawings of what the place will look like).
  2. Schematics Design (layouts and basic construction drawings, prepared for zoning and permits).
  3. Detailed Design (all the drawings needed for construction).

Very often a (basic) masterplan is part of initiation process and will be further developed during the entire design process.

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