02a How I work

Construction management and leisure development needs a different scope of work than project management for a company project.

Construction management

I  usually don’t work with the PMBOK method or any other basic project management method, simply because these are meant for IT projects or product development and not suitable for construction. I do work with the PIBA method, BIM (master)planning, and the Code of Practise for construction management. However working on leisure projects differs significantly from building a hotel, a mall, a block of houses. Therefore I work according to IAAPA and TEA standards, and combine many of the construction standards into one solid scope of work.

Problem Solving

For damage control and problem solving of existing projects I always will…

… make a (new and my own) BIM/ information model of the project and construction;

… do a financial assesment resulting in a financial report;

… write a project mandate with plan of work, addressing short term solutions for problems that need immediate addressing and long term solutions for the remaining time of the project.

This plan of attack will be presented and discussed resulting in solid solutions for getting the project back on track.

When needed I can/will work with my own assistant project managers, masterplanners and other expert team members.

We work fast and we deliver.



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