Leisure development and management with a conscience

How we work

How we work

What will happen if Rianfil assists you with your project? We work different from all our competitors. We don’t just start: before we do anything we know in full detail what you want, who the stakeholders are, what the situation is with the land… By doing it our own way we can guarantee that we are more cost/price effective (cheaper) and are more in controll of time than all our competitors. We will pleasantly surprise you with our costs compared to other companies. And that even while we make sure everyone involved in the project gets paid well and treated fairly. From designers to construction workers: we focus on fairplay. We are also in a much better control of time: we will calculate before we start in the most accurate way how long the whole development will take. And we know exactly why it takes that time, where there is room for speeding up processes, what we can fast-track…

Getting started

After a first meeting we can already start with the strategy and masterplanning. To do so we do a brainstorm session with your team to figure what you want, what we can help with, when and with what budget. This entire process usually takes a few weeks and might need follow-up discussions on location or via phone or skype, depending on scale of the project. We work fast. After the first process you already have a detailed handbook and complete masterplan of your project.

  1. Gathering information
  2. Come up with a plan
  3. Start-up process
  4. Design Development
  5. Tendering and Construction

This handbook sets us apart from all our competitors. Though fairly standard nowadays with complex construction projects such as power plants and hospitals, the concept of a handbook is lacking almost completely in the world of leisure and entertainment. This is mostly because clients are impatient and want to see rapid results all the way even right from the beginning. But we slow down and first make sure we have proper documentation and a proper plan before we start spending your money. In this handbook we specify up to several hundred topics that are important for the realisation of the project. This step requires several meetings with you and all stakeholders. And although it might make you feel that it slows down the project it actually does speed up everything that comes after. Because we have all the answers and can figure out what to do, when and how.

Start-up procedure:

  1. Obtaining a signed Land Option Agreement with Local Government. Land must be legally available.
  2. Set up a project-company with a working capital. Rianfil receives a signed agreement for the first steps of development.
  3. Rianfil makes a Project Handbook, necessary to provide all the answers for step 4 and 5.
  4. An architectural company makes a Master Plan, with input from all the stakeholders.
  5. An acknowledged accountancy makes an Investment Model and Financial Model.
  6. Presentation of the above to the City Council, together with client, Rianfil, architect and accountancy.
  7. Resulting in a signed Land Agreement on the land with appropriate zoning and the development of the project with Local Government.
  8. Payments of points 2,3,4 via the project-company from the working capital.
  9. In case of resort or large theme park, Rianfil hands over the development to Odyssey Parks & Resorts.
  10. A loan to the project-company with purchase of land / capital design costs / construction permits. Depending on price of land. The amount should be fully available.
  11. A development team is put together in consultation with the client, Rianfil or Odyssey, architect,  Moxiom, and prepares the project up to the building permits.
  12. Completing funding of entire project.
  13. Start of construction. In combination with approved permits.

Pricing and time

Only after we have a finished Project Handbook we can provide a price estimate of how much your project will cost, how much time it might take, and which parties are involved in the realisation. By first making the Project Handbook we know exactly what you want. And we can put a price on that. Other companies provide an estimate based on what they think you want because they don’t have all the necessary information. By doing it our way we can guarantee you that we are incredibly more price effective than all our competitors!

Construction management

Construction management and leisure development needs a different scope of work than project management for a company project. At Rianfil we  usually don’t work with the PMBOK method or any other basic project management method, simply because these are meant for IT projects or product development and not suitable for development and construction of a theme park. We do work with the PIBA method, BIM (master)planning, and the Code of Practise for construction management. However working on leisure projects differs significantly from building a hotel, a mall, a block of houses. Therefore we work according to IAAPA and TEA standards, and combine many of the construction standards into one solid scope of work.

Problem Solving

For damage control and problem solving of existing projects I always will…

… make a (new and my own) BIM/ information model of the project and construction;

… do a financial assesment resulting in a financial report;

… write a project mandate with plan of work, addressing short term solutions for problems that need immediate addressing and long term solutions for the remaining time of the project.

This plan of attack will be presented and discussed resulting in solid solutions for getting the project back on track.

When needed we can/will work with our own (assistant) project managers, masterplanners and other expert team members.

We work fast and we deliver.


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