06 Portfolio

Leisure & Magic History

Leisure consultant, development & construction manager, problem solver

Jazzland New Orleans

Bim of location, chief (technical) design/ development. Masterplan.

Adventure World Warsaw:

Pre-masterplanning, chief (technical) design/ development.

Wonderland Sydney

Pre-masterplanning, chief (technical) design/ development.

Eco Dome

Chief technical development, design supervision and leisure development. Developing technology together with SPI for moving elements on the ski slope. Finding ways to house a water park and shopping experience combined with urban attractions inside the dome. Translating concepts by SPI of the Winter World and other areas into technical and feasible plans, making sure it can get build.

City of Dreams Peru

Masterplanning. bim and development, South Americas largest resort currently in development.

Linfair China – over 25 projects all over China, attraction and show design, development and effects. Projects such as the floating mountain at the Tibet Experience, several theme park shows, The Red Chamber theme park with attractions, technical layout of several theme parks, dark ride layouts and effects design for rides such as the Tea Pot Factory, Monkey Journey and indoor rollercoaster Magic Factory, together with Digital Tiger Domain.

Wanda China – consultant technical design of several attractions via several contractors. Such as flying cinema design, dome cinema 5d design, dark ride technology together with Digital Tiger Domain. Together we figured out a new and easier way to show bullet lines or laser lines on projection screens in a 3D shooting dark ride.

Manila Ocean Park Philippines

Design of several hologram displays in a walk-through attraction. Exhibit maze design.

Corregidor Island Philippines

BIM, concept and construction plans for holograms, special effects, show scripting for their new Tunnel experience.

Efteling themepark Holland

Consultant for effects used in their attractions. Mostly visual effects like the hologram for Little Match girl, but also effects for Dreamflight dark ride.

Walibi World Holland

Consultant and design of effects used in their attractions and shows, including Halloween walk-throughs.

Disney Project Lester

Consultant and project problem solver for their new project.

Theme Park Magic Shows

2013 Snow White the magic show. Nominated Merlin Award world’s best magic show 2013.

2012 Phantasialand

2011 Phantasialand, Walibi World

2010 Walibi World, rewarded with ‘Merlin-Award’ for best show in a theme park 2010

2009 Walibi World, Drievliet

2008 / 2007 Drievliet

Grand Illusions & Show Effects

Las Vegas style magic shows with over 45 illusions for Christian Farla in the years 2008 to 2010. The first tour led to a ‘Merlin-Award’. The highest award in magic, for best illusion show 2008. Illusion developer for Dutch Dinnershow that is ongoing at this moment. Consultant for magical effects for television shows in Europe and China. Effects and props for many illusion shows. Ongoing consultant and creator of effects and illusions for international magicians.

Design and/or build illusions for numerous illusionists such as

Christian Farla; Masters of Illusion; Hans Klok; Sittah; Ravini; Victor Eilering; Rafael Cronodark; Aartee Illusions; Lexiz. Advisor and effects creator for numerous tv shows.

Linfair Creative Illusion Designer and Supervisor


Xi’an Lake Show – Concept Design, technical development

Red Chamber Theme Park – Concept Design, Construction Design, masterplan

Yin Yang Fountain – Concept Design, Construction Design, Supervision Construction

Snow White the Magic Show – Design, Supervision Construction and Implementation

Qinghuandao Lake Show – Concept Design and technical design

Donghuan Sillicon City – Concept Design supervision

Ghuanzhou Future Resort – Concept Design supervision

Magic Theatre – Concept Design , Construction Design, masterplan

Mount Sumeri Experience – Design, Supervision Construction and Implementation

OZ Theme Park – Concept Design supervision

Business Management and Supervision History

Local Government City Sneek Problem Solver

Fieber Problem Solver

Famed Financial Problem Solver 

Ziggo Cable TV and Internet Project Problem Solver 

ASR Life Insurances Project Supervisor and Problem Solver

HR Wooncomfort Solar Panels with subsidies Project Assistant

Aegon Life Insurances Project Manager and Problem Solver

Agis Health Insurances Financial Problem Solver 

Postbank Fraude Desk Project Supervisor and Problem Solver

Tax Agency Leeuwarden Project Problem Solver

Nuon Energy Project Manager, Problem Solver, fin. expert

UPC Troubleshooter Project Supervisor and Financial Expert


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