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Crowd Management

2016-07-12 21.48.00In our team we have experts who had crisis training, and further educated through courses in the field of crowd management. This means we can tell you about permits and regulations. We can calculate for you if your amount of exits is sufficient or needs adjustment. We can calculate how long it takes for an area to being evacuated. We can evaluate or even make your evacuation plan. And we can assist in or manage your crowd management procedures and develop your crowd management plan. We also know how to deal with a disaster from the point of view of the organiser or owner of a property.

Hundreds of thousands of events are held nationally and few, if any, have problems. How you deal with accidents, terror, storms, fire and other emergencies can basically determine how much injuries or deaths will be the endresult.

2016-07-05 22.14.34While in most countries the term crowd control is used, in (mostly) western Europe the view on crowds is a bit different and the focus is on crowd management. The difference can be seen almost daily on television.

Crowd management means analysing systematically before, during and after events, and taking specific measures to reduce the risks that occur when large groups of people are gathering. Crowd control is not only the actual respons on crowds behaviour making sure they keep behaving themselves; the focus is primarily on restriction or limitation of the group’s behavior from a law enforcement point of view. In many countries government wants to control groups instead of managing them.

2016-07-05 22.18.42Evidence from basically all emergency situations show that trying to control people during a fire or terrorist attack works counterproductive in saving people’s lives and can cause riots or aggressive behaviour a lot easier than when the focus is on managing the situation. This means you allow people to assist with getting others out, you don’t block exits for the sake of control, you listen to people to gather information, you don’t direct people to safety with drawn gun. In many cases the attempt to get and keep control of the situation gets quite the opposite result.

Rianfil can make your attraction in such a way that crowds find emergency exits, know what to do in emergency situations, while you are in constant controll of these situations.

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